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It’s an exciting time at SSL HQ in Grandson, Switzerland as the first of the SSL Team Calendars are out! First up, we’re featuring SSL Team Brazil ‘Brazilian Storm’.

SSL Team Brazil Calendar
SSL Team Brazil Calendar

Each calendar is available in four sizes: a large horizontal which is B2 size (480mm height x 680mm width), a large vertical which is 680mm height x 480mm width), a medium horizontal, which is A3 size (297mm height x 420mm width) and finally a medium vertical, which is 420mm height x 297mm width.

They all feature the team members, insignia, shirts and partners on the cover, with beautiful full-size photos of the team in action on the SSL47 yachts for each month, as well as a page featuring all of the shots and information about the team.

January’s image (July in the vertical orientation calendars) is none over than Martina Orsini’s stunning photo of “The Bowman”, Alfredo Rovere, which made the final 20 in the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image competition, this time printed in glorious colour. Other months highlight the whole team, action onboard, and shots from off the boat, with the sailors reflected against the gold SSL47 hulls.

These calendars are a must for any sailing fan, with more being produced for other SSL Teams as we speak!

See the growing range at

SSL Team Brazil Calendar
SSL Team Brazil Calendar